This site has been created to independently publish news about the Debian project and community.

By its nature, as an independent news site, Disguised Work doesn’t claim to be an official communication channel of the Debian Project. If we were, we wouldn’t be independent any more. Editors of this site are not delegates of the Debian Project Leader.

We are inspired by the Debian Social Contract and in particular, point 3, not hiding problems with the software or organization.

We believe that a free and independent news site helps raise standards of leadership, governance and accountability in Debian and the wider Free Software community.

In 2018, the Debian Project Leader, Chris Lamb, condescendingly ordered a volunteer to reflect. Therefore, we would like to credit Lamb with inspiring this site, a reflection on Debian, as a normal person would see it.

You can download official releases of the Debian operating system from the Debian Project download page

Debian is a trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc