Albanian women, Brazilian women & Debian Outreachy racism under Chris Lamb

We previously looked at the vast amounts of money spent on travel for Albanian women to come to DebConf19 in Curitiba and many other events.

Before DebConf19, Debian tried to organize a warm-up event, MiniDebConf Curitiba in the location that would host DebConf proper.

Local women had found Chris Lamb so difficult to deal with that they had to start their own crowdfunding campaign to get there. Lamb only had eyes for Albanian women like the woman who won an Outreachy internship.

Renata blogs about the crowdfunding campaign for five women: Alice, Anna e So, Miriam Retka, Ana Paula and Luciana.

Alice, Anna e So, Miriam Retka, Ana Paula, Luciana

As a reminder, the Albanian women received free travel and accommodation two years in a row, both DebConf18 (Taiwan) and DebConf19 (Brazil). It looks like Debian prefers the European appearance of Albanian girls. This is an example of racism in diversity funding.

DebConf18 Albanian women

Lior Kaplan, Outreachy, intern, relationship, student, Debconf18, Taipei

DebConf19: the same Albanian women receive travel funding for a second year in a row:

DebConf19, Curitiba, Brazil, dinner, Chris Lamb, albanian women

Women who had to raise their own funds for Curitiba

This was Chris Lamb's impression after his first visit to Albania:

Date: 24 May 2017
From: Chris Lamb

Just to underline this. It was *extremely* remarkable and commendable that not only did the demographic skew of the organisers about 15-20 years younger than a typical conference, I would wager the gender split was around 70-80% female:male.

The Albanian open source community is very healthy indeed.

These are the women from Brazil, they had to raise their own funds for travel. None of them got a seat at the table with Chris Lamb.

Alice, Anna e So, Miriam Retka, Ana Paula, Luciana