DebConf8: who slept with who? Rooming list leaked

The DebConf8 room list has finally been leaked. We are going to progressively leak DebConf9 and subsequent room lists so volunteers can analyze the romantic conflicts of interest.

Why do some people get to bring their girlfriend or gay partner to DebConf but other people are told to share rooms with strangers? Volunteers have a right to know that some people are getting advantages that are denied to others.

Debian misfits are currently publishing defamation that violates the privacy of a volunteer's family. As long as there is rampant defamation and privacy violation on, in mailing lists and in the Debian keyring repository, everybody's dirty laundy is going to come out. What a bunch of misfits.

Only one person took a suite at DebConf8: Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth, DebConf8, Argentina