Disguised.Work unmasked, Debian-private fresh leaks

The former Suicide site is no more.

Volunteers riding the tube in London heard an announcement, "blogger under a train". Its all over.

Nonetheless, new volunteers have come to the rescue and forked the old sites to create a brilliant new site at https://disguised.work/debian.

If you follow the RSS feeds, please update them using the feed URLs at the bottom of this page.

Volunteers looked at recent stories about deaths and the community. Some deaths were suicides, some were confirmed accidents and other deaths had no official cause.

We thought long and hard about what all these deaths had in common and found that the name Disguised Work gets to the root cause of the problem.

Rather than focus on how they died, we want to talk about why.

In the original Debian Manifesto from 1993, the founder of Debian, Ian Murdock, himself a suicide victim, wrote:

Such distribution (Debian) is essential to the success of the Linux operating system in the commercial market, and it must be done by organizations in a position to successfully advance and advocate free software without the pressure of profits or returns.

The commercial market is not so friendly. Ubuntu, Google and Red Hat came along and now they each employee a cohort of Debian Developers. Their Developer-employees pack together like wolves and bully the rest of us. They want us to do their work for them and people are dying.

Please read the stories of Debian suicides and accidents.

Fresh Debian-Private leaks

A volunteer resigned at a time when he lost two family members. Debian attacked him with lawyer harassment. Supporters have come together to release another 6 months of debian-private in solidarity.

Get the whole leak from 1996 to June 1999, total 17,000 messages, with IPFS: QmefeQFgfeJuR6Y4VcjmCCA9cXiF51kgptyP9C1wRZLnP5

Download the IPFS client and pin a local copy of the whole archive that you can browse on your hard disk.

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