Ghislaine Maxwell conviction, Silva Arapi, Nafi Shehu, Elio Qoshi & Ubuntu underage girl

Since the arrest, charging, trial and prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell, many people are holding their breath waiting for a jury to decide whether to make a conviction. Just as many people are holding their breath waiting to see if a juror fails a Covid test, sending the trial into chaos.

It appears strange for a woman to be involved in crimes against women and children but it is not uncommon. Here at Debian Community News we recently covered the similarities between Debian and the NXIVM sex cult.

Debian is a combination of the names Debra and Ian, Ian being the founder of Debian and Debra his girlfriend at the time Debian was conceived. The name Debian is now being used to brand volunteers in much the same way that NXIVM convicted criminals branded their initials on slaves' genital skin. It is a tragic coincidence. Debra and Ian would not condone the use of their names for public shaming, yet this is what eventuated under the cult-like regime of Chris Lamb and Molly de Blanc.

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Thanks to Andis Rado we have photos of two of the female overlords in the Albanian sex scandal, Nafi Shehu and Silva Arapi (saluting).

Silva Arapi, Nafi Shehu

It has previously been revealed that Silva and Nafi are the women who were sending requests to Debian and Wikimedia asking for funds to be paid to Ura Design, a company they worked for. They used the name of the Open Labs non-profit as a front. None of the money went to Open Labs and young female volunteers.

Date: 5 August 2017
From: Silva Arapi <>

I'm writing to submit a funding request (costs below) to organize some consecutive Debian focused workshops and localization events during FOSScamp which will be held on Syros island, Greece from 30 of August to 6 September 2017. You can also find a detailed information on the event here:

We at Open Labs Hackerspace have started to actively get more involved with the Debian project as we want it to be one of the main Linux distributions we promote at our hackerspace. We had a considerable presence by the Debian community at the annual conference we organize, Open Source Conference Albania, ...

To keep up the momentum from those events and satisfy interest in Debian, Redon Skikuli, Giannis Konstantinidis and me (Silva Arapi) thought of joining FOSScamp host some events about Debian

We notice that there are dozens of women in the photo collection from Andis Rado but only a small group of women, including Silva and Nafi, would receive benefits including jobs and travel. The rest of the women were exploited. It is another form of modern slavery.

Other women have been used as bait to entice developers to visit Albania. The young female volunteers in red shirts spent two whole days working at the OSCAL conference and they were all excluded from the FOSSCamp trip to Greece. One of these younger and more naive women became the underage girlfriend of Silva's boss, Elio Qoshi.

It is disturbing how many similarities we find between the culture of Open Labs Albania, Debian, NXIVM and the murky world of Jeffrey Epstein.

This is the group who went on the trip to Greece with money from Debian and Wikimedia Foundation. Nafi Shehu (Ura Design), Silva Arapi (Ura Design), Elio Qoshi (Ura Design), Eva Vraniçi, Redon Skikuli (Ura Design), Anisa Kuci, Jonathan Belien (boyfriend of Anisa), Boris Budini (Ura Design):

Nafi Shehu, Silva Arapi, Elio Qoshi, Eva Vraniçi, Redon Skikuli, Anisa Kuci, Jonathan Belien, Boris Budini

This is the photo from Ura Work Week, a gathering of the employees affiliated with Elio Qoshi's private company. It looks like the same people who took the funding for Greece. The majority of young female volunteers were excluded.

Elio Qoshi, Boris Budini, Silva Arapi, ?, Redon Skikuli

Elio Qoshi, Boris Budini, Silva Arapi, Redon Skikuli