IPFS censorship, Edward Brocklesby & Debian hacker expulsion

There has recently been news about the secret expulsion of Edward Brocklesby. Brocklesby maintained shells, compilers and even the SSH2 package.

Debianists from that era had failed to see or understand the risks.

The real community has been keen to open up the super-secret leaks from the debian-private gossip network and look for more details.

However, some IPFS HTTP gateways are giving a timeout error.

The most recently leaked IPFS CID is at https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmefeQFgfeJuR6Y4VcjmCCA9cXiF51kgptyP9C1wRZLnP5/threads.html and it has the CID: QmefeQFgfeJuR6Y4VcjmCCA9cXiF51kgptyP9C1wRZLnP5

Does it work for you using the HTTP URL?

Does it work when you pin it with the IPFS client?

Do debianists have influence over censorship in the IPFS HTTP gateways?

Can you find any more information about security (in)competance in the debian-private history?

IPFS, debian-private, censorship

Thousands of messages have already been leaked. It would be great to see the community feedback process completed on this batch before the next big tranch of debian-private comes out.