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The Free Software Fellowship team has recently blogged about Fedora's relationship with Iran and Russia. Now it is our turn in the Debian Community News Team to look at Debian with the explosive leak of 185 emails from debian-private about the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov in Russia.

Was Bogatov really a victim of the Russian state or was his arrest another example of smoke and mirrors, like a false-flag operation, encouraging western developers to show sympathy towards Russian cyberspies?

Can we spot the machinations of PsyOps officers in these email discussions?

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The leaked emails are now available on the IPFS peer to peer network using the IPFS Content ID (CID) QmPFCGTtMoWU4xJdbaejDJoaS25eQxaxdgXibXWmSGWZkS.

Maria Glukhova from Russia was pictured with Chris Lamb at DebConf17. Shortly afterwards, Glukhova was working at Google in Paris.

Google is every KGB agent's wet dream. Female KGB agents are a wet dream for Google employees. Go figure.

If Debian has been infiltrated, this is exactly where Putin would want his agent, in close proximity to the cabal overlords.

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