Molly de Blanc, arrest and prosecution for cyberbullying

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Molly de Blanc has recently started a vile "petition" asking people to harass a volunteer, Richard Stallman.

That is not a petition. As the vendetta is all about one person, it is cyberbullying. Vilification. Harassment. Violation of the law, state and federal. Github logs show Molly and her buddies spent all weekend on this. Can you think of any other industry where this behavior takes place? These logs suggest a sociopath is at work.

Somerville police badge

You can make a petition to arrest and prosecute Molly de Blanc using this web form provided by the Somerville police department. Post this link or your own text.

de Blanc has no leadership skills so she advocates bullying

In the slide below, de Blanc drew a mob with stick figures. Like Trump's mob at the US Capitol, de Blanc is raising a mob to attack Dr Stallman.

Bully/Molly de Blanc: Well we can use our collective power to push others

Push back. Contact Somerville Police today. Just give them this link.

(full video from FrOSCon 2019)

Racketeering and conspiracy

The use of multiple sock-puppet organizations, such as Debian, FSFE and Open Source Initiative, to give credibility to the attacks, is an example of racketeering and conspiracy. OSI and FSFE produce nothing, while Debian is a phantom organization, the bank accounts and domains ultimately controlled by another entity, Software in the Public Interest, Inc. News reports about the attacks (example) are referencing these phony organizations and titles, giving the attacks on Dr Stallman an undeserved semblence of credibility.

Dr Stallman is not a politician or highly paid CEO of a multinational. He is a volunteer on the board of a small non-profit organization, the FSF. He is not paid. Citizens who serve on boards like this are entitled to privacy and respect. He is 68 years old.

Most organizations only give gratitude to somebody of this age who has been contributing for so long. de Blanc, on the other hand, is stripping away human dignity.

The offender, de Blanc, resides in Somerville, Massachusetts. If you experience harassment from de Blanc, please do not copy her dirty tricks. Do not start a petition. The correct course of action to contain this type of aggression is to contact law enforcement.

You can make a petition to arrest and prosecute Molly de Blanc using this web form provided by the Somerville police department.

Molly de Blanc, Somerville Police Department

de Blanc has used an email address to launch the harassment against a former employee of MIT. edX is affiliated with MIT. It appears hideous for de Blanc to use the edX brand to spread defamation and round up what looks like a mob of 1,300 people to attack a volunteer who resigned from MIT more than two years ago. You can email MIT's Office of the General Counsel and edX legal team. edX is an organization that is committed to helping people achieve their best. We can't imagine they would want to tear people down like this, in fact, de Blanc no longer works there.

MIT's GC is Mark DiVincenzo. MIT legal department web site. edX trademark page.

You can copy and paste the following details into your police report and email complaint:

Molly de Blanc
02144  Somerville  MA
United States of America

Dr Richard Stallman
United States of America

URL where harassment is initiated:

Aggravating circumstances:
Misuse of brands and multiple sock-puppet organizations
in coordinated attack on the victim to give the attacks more
force and cause more pain.
The web page is highly defamatory.
Dr Stallman is close to retirement age and de Blanc is attacking
the legacy of his career.
de Blanc has incited over a thousand people to join in her crime
against Dr Stallman.


Here is the commit where de Blanc started the vendetta:

commit 535a9d11f1e09addf1a15fc318326105e2bc640f
Author: Molly de Blanc <>
Date:   Tue Mar 23 13:42:36 2021 -0400

Initial commit

You can download a full copy of the harassment log here.

You can download a full list of the people used by de Blanc.

Legal basis for a criminal prosecution

de Blanc regularly talks about Codes of Conduct, in other words, trying to make volunteers behave like the submissive and obedient slaves in a cult. The public shaming of Richard Stallman is a tactic to instill fear in other volunteers. Every cult leader uses the same tactic, periodically beating somebody in front of the whole group. Whether Molly uses a stick or a petition, it is the same tactic. Massachusetts state law provides many regulations against the behavior of Molly de Blanc:

603 CMR 33 Hazing reporting - secondary schools

603 CMR 49 Notification of bullying or retaliation

610 CMR 5 Hazing reporting - higher education

Bullying Dr Stallman and interfering in his leadership work is a crime in progress. Molly de Blanc is the prime suspect.

We present images of the suspect on this site to assist law enforcement and the public.

Molly de Blanc, cyberbullying

Photograph Copyright (C) James Grimmelmann, distributed under the license CC BY 2.0.