Molly de Blanc has been terminated, Magdalen Berns' knockout punch and the Wizard of Oz

In the early hours of Monday morning, a Debian blogger released the video of former GNOME employee Magdalen Berns singing Zombie.

Less than twenty-four hours later and we have the news that GNOME Foundation has sacked Molly de Blanc. Now there really is a Zombie. Berns once won a championship title in women's boxing. She packs a punch, even when she sings.

Molly de Blanc, sacked, GNOME Foundation

Why should I care?

In January 2019, while Debian Contributor Lucy Wayland was lying in the morgue, Molly de Blanc stood up at FOSDEM in Brussels to give a talk about shaming volunteers to make them obey her.

Farewell video

We found this video to help us remember de Blanc's mean behavior towards volunteers.

Magdalen Berns shows Molly how to pack

We recommend watching Magdalen sing.

Magdalen Berns, GNOME Foundation

Molly's most memorable quotes

From the film review Its a Free World: