Neil McGovern & Ruby Central part ways

In May 2023, the Fellowship bloggers examined the murky circumstances of Neil McGovern's departure from his job at GNOME Foundation in 2022.

Barely four weeks later and McGovern has been removed from his new job at Ruby Central.

While GNOME is still looking for a replacement, the Ruby Central board has immediately appointed Adarsh Pandit.

7 June snapshot: Neil McGovern as Executive Director.

9 June snapshot: Neil McGovern removed, Adarsh Pandit is now Executive Director.

Will Ruby Central publish a Statement on Neil McGovern in the style of Debian lynchings?

Was the termination or expulsion of McGovern based on the evidence published by the Fellowship in May 2023?

The Fellowship published a fresh blog recently about women from Albania trafficked to Neil McGovern's sending-off in the city of Tequila, Mexico. Has McGovern attempted to allocate Ruby Central travel grants to Albanian friends?

Everybody is coming to see that groups like Debian, FSFE and GNOME are being run worse than a student union. McGovern's previous roles as Debian Project Leader and GNOME Executive Director are not comparable to experience in a real-world business environment. Anybody can give money and jobs to their mates when they have an unlimited supply of funds from Google and IBM. It is much harder to balance a budget as Executive Director of a real non-profit.