Dr Norbert Preining blackmail & Lucy Wayland timeline

2022-01-25 UPDATE: coroner's report is now available.

Here is a diagram to help understand the blackmail/shaming period when Lucy Wayland passed away.

Debian's blackmailing of Daniel Baumann had finished in August 2018 and Debian began blackmailing Dr Preining days before Christmas. The Debian Christmas lynchings.

Research suggests that witnesses to bullying, such as Wayland and others who observed the lynchings, may face more mental health risks than the victims, such as Dr Preining. As a large community, Debian has many contributors who may suffer from mental illness or other challenges that are compounded by the aggression of the blackmail plots.

It appears that Wayland posted this in the middle of the Daniel Baumann blackmailing, which is now under closer scrutiny at Techrights:

Lucy Wayland, aardvark, bipolar, accidental death, debian, christmas, lynchings

and Wayland then passed away shortly after the Dr Preining blackmailing began. We doubt that Wayland is the only person disappointed with Debian behavior.

We believe it is time for Debian to follow the example of Amnesty International, where two workers committed suicide during a period of unacceptable workplace pressure. Instead of hiring lawyers to insult volunteers, the money could be better used for consultants to help improve organization culture.