Sam Hartman & Debian: War crimes and bribes

This week, Techrights noticed the vast increase in Debian travel funding for diversity in 2019.

We hear that most of this money went to bring women from Kosovo and Albania to DebConf in Brazil. Most of these women were introduced to Debian by a Developer who resigned in disgust at internal bickering.

Sam Hartman and his gangsters told the women that if they want more trips like this, he wants them to take sides in Debian politics and help spread rumours about people. Isn't it charming that women's first impression of professional life comes in the form of blackmail and coercion.

In the same week, we hear that war crimes prosecutions against rogue elements of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) will finally begin. The trial was delayed by 9 years, partly because people in power were intimidating witnesses.

We find it disturbing when the regime of Sam Hartman has so much in common with people accused of war crimes, threatening and blackmailing women to help neutralize volunteers who asked questions about the money.

Sam Hartman, Debian, War Crimes, Kosovo