What is the price of a Debian domain name?

The WIPO panel has decided to steal the debian.community domain name. The volunteers are preparing to execute contingency plans to preserve the site on a new domain.

We want to ask the question: was it worth the cost to Debian? The same material will continue to be published on other domains and web sites anyway.

We will shortly provide details to help people continue to access uncensored news about Debian.

We are currently deciding whether to appeal the decision of the panel. However, we believe it is more important to focus our energy on research into the Frans Pop suicide and the risks to other volunteers.

We want to offer hope to many of the low-level volunteers and interns who have been sucked in by Debian conspiracies. The legal action at WIPO does nothing to prevent us publishing the same information on other web sites. The Debian cabal took no action to take responsibility for these scandals, they only seek to hide the domain name. They don't care if the same names and photos are published on other web sites. They don't care if they pissed off all the women in Kosovo because they can just go and find some more women in Brazil or another destination. We do care and we want to offer hope: if the Debian cabal admits there was favoritism in the travel budget and if they stop defaming volunteers, we will have no more reason to continue publishing hard evidence about the intern relationships.

This was a hollow and expensive victory for the cabalists but Debian has also lost credibility on free speech.

The empty Debian Outreach meeting at DebConf22, Kosovo

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DebConf22, Kosovo, Prizren, Outreach DebConf22, Kosovo, Prizren, Outreach

Compare that to the hackathon for women, also in Prizren, in 2017, where 26 people attended.

CoderGals, Prizren, Kosovo, Hackathon for women, 2017