Balkan women & Debian sexism, WeBoob leaks

In 2014, Alyssa Funk, a 19 year old straight-A student took the family gun and shot herself.

Alyssa had chosen to do a casting couch video using the name Stella Ann. Her career starting and finishing on the same couch where Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) was reportedly earning $1,300 for each scene.

These girls were not what you would perceive to be hookers. They were both university students. The novellist behind the anonymous Belle de Jour prostitute diaries revealed herself to be a prominent research scientist who worked her way to a PhD in expensive London.

Debian and DebConf is going to Prizren, Kosovo, offering women the opportunity to earn $7,000 for an Outreachy internship. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) offers students in these countries a fee between $1,500 and $3,000 for the same 3 months work.

The numbers are clear: a woman can get an extra $4,000 by doing Outreachy. That bonus is equivalent to three times the fee paid to Alyssa Funk for one couch scene.

To be clear, we suspect nine out of ten women would not sleep with a Debian Developer for any amount of money but there are some who will be tempted.

Therefore, if Debian really fills the fifty bunk beds they reserved for diversity women, there are between five and ten women who might feel temptation or pressure.

To restore credibility to the Outreachy program and Debian, we believe it is now vital to reduce the stipends from $7,000 down to the same level as Google Summer of Code.

Jonathan Carter recently boasted about having over $1.25 million and no policy on how to control expenditure. In other words, it is simply a slush fund.

Brooke Magnanti

WeBoob leaks from debian-private

Debian Developers pretend to be concerned with the Code of Conduct in public but behind the scenes they do what they like. After all, why did Ulrike Uhlig resign so quickly? When she joined debian-private, she found out the truth.

Subject: weboob package
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 10:03:20 +0100
From: Jonathan Dowland 

Yesterday I stumbled across the "weboob" package for the first time,
which includes a slew of binaries with names similar to the following:
   * boobsize: Display various gauges status
   * boobtracker: Search and download torrents
   * flatboob: Look for a house
   * wetboobs: Weather forecast search tool

I'm having flashbacks to 2004.


⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁ Jonathan Dowland
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and the first reply

Subject: Re: weboob package
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 12:06:00 +0200
From: Fabian Greffrath 

Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> I'm having flashbacks to 2004.

You mean that special system activity indicator?

 - Fabian