Meike Reichle & Debian Dating

Meike Reichle, Debian

Is there dating in Debian? Meike Reichle admits she met her husband, Alexander "Tolimar" Reichle-Schmehl, through Debian.

Reichle was part of the Debian Press Team, the propaganda hit squad that has been spreading rumors about people for years.

Her wiki profile doesn't declare the conflict of interest with her husband.

Subject: Ditto: Retiring
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 12:40:37 +0100
From: Meike Reichle <>

Hi all [snip]

> However, I really hope, I'll be able to rejoin when time permits it.

As expected, the same goes for me :-/

With job(s), kid, house, life etc. computers been playing a continuously smaller role in our family life. Most of these days I am glad if I manage to check my email once a day. I'd really hoped to find a way to combine family and Free Software, but I don't seem to be able to really pull it off.

So, as Alex, I am herewith declaring my resignation. *sniff*

Being a part of the Debian project was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I owe a lot to you (including my lovely husband). I hope we'll still be able to maintain a close connection to the project and find other ways to support it until we can return to full DD'dom.

In the meantime there'll at least always be a free guest room waiting, should anyone of you ever need a place to stay in the Southern Germany/Switzerland area.

Best Regards,


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People who really believe in free software don't just vanish like this.

When professional women come to a Debian event and they see all the women there are already part of a couple it gives them a very bad feeling.

The promotion of non-developing developers has benefited a lot of girlfriends who acquired voting rights over the heads of real developers.

Debian is spending all this money on legal fees to cover up these relationships:

Canonical / Ubuntu employee Elio Qoshi had underage Albanian girlfriend. Now the girl has a job in his Albanian company.

Anja Xhakani

Lucas Kanashiro, another Canonical / Ubuntu employee, had a relationship with an intern from Kosovo when she attended DebConf18 and DebConf19. Debian then chose Kosovo as the destination for DebConf22 so that everybody else can try to pick up one of these girls from a developing country.

Enkelena Haxhija, President of Kosovo

Here is that picture of Lior Kaplan with the interns from eastern Europe at DebConf18 in Taiwan:

DebConf18, Enkelena Haxhiu, Diellza Shabani, Elena Gjevukaj, Lior Kaplan, Kristi Progri

Another Albanian woman had a series of trips to conferences where she met Chris Lamb, former Debian leader. After sitting next to Lamb at the DebConf19 dinner, she won an Outreachy internship, $6000, without writing any code.

Anisa Kuci, Chris Lamb

On 5 December 2018, the Debian leader's ex-girlfriend, Molly de Blanc, who never did any technical work, was given the highest rank, Debian Developer. How would Lucy Wayland and all the other women feel? When women see a promotion like that, they feel that their skills are being ignored and the only way to get ahead is to sleep with somebody.

Molly de Blanc, cyberbullying

Photograph Copyright (C) James Grimmelmann, distributed under the license CC BY 2.0.